How Will The Winter Gardens Development Affect Weston?

As Weston College nears the half-way point in its Winter Gardens development, we take a look at how the project will have a lasting impact on Weston-super-Mare…

Brand new facilities for residents

Weston College has committed to ensuring that the historic portion of the building is available for community use, and is investing money into refurbishing and restoring this historic venue. The public will benefit from a ballroom enhanced with modern technology, a new bar and restaurant with improved catering facilities, as well a café which will open onto the Italian Gardens and fish pond area.

Investing in Weston

The development is seeing over £11 million being invested into the town centre, with Bristol-based contractors Midas Group employing people from the local area, and using supplies from local traders and merchants.

Changing demographics

Creating an educational facility in rear portion of the Winter Gardens means that the College is able to expand its provision and draw young people into the town centre. It will allow University Centre Weston to accept 250 more higher education students, create 35 more teaching positions, and inject an extra £2.75 million per year into the local economy.

Training for the future

Weston College has to react to skills shortages to make sure it’s delivering the qualifications that local employers require. The creation of a Law and Professional Services Academy means that people in Weston-super-Mare can get the skills they need to apply for jobs in Bristol’s booming financial and legal services industries.

Protecting an asset

The Winter Gardens Pavilion will be protected for future generations to enjoy and brought into the 21st century. Weston College will invest in the building, ensure it is maintained, and will transform it into a venue which meets the needs of the local community.

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