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How to Promote an Event

If you’re planning an event, there’s a lot to consider. The choice of venue, the catering, the entertainment and more, but do you have a plan in place to promote the event? Good promotion builds anticipation for the event and, most importantly, gets people in attendance. Here, we will provide some tips on how to promote your events successfully.

Understanding Your Event

Promoting your event begins with good planning. Define the goals, target audience, and unique selling points of your event. This knowledge will shape your entire promotion plan and allow you to create a marketing strategy.

A well-thought-out marketing strategy is the foundation of successful event promotion. It should include both online and offline efforts, ensuring you reach the widest audience.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

Not Targeting the Right Audience

Ensure your promotion efforts are tailored to your target audience's preferences and interests.

Make Use of All Advertising Channels

Social media is a potent tool for event promotion and platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and X/Twitter are great for creating buzz around your event. Social content is so easily shareable too, that your audience will do some of the work for you!

You should look to create a website for your event as a central hub for important information, and email marketing is also a great method of engagement. 

While digital media is king, traditional methods can still be effective. Explore print media, radio, and TV advertising options to reach more people, especially if your target audience is less digital-orientated.

You want your event to be as visible as possible so don’t be afraid to use all the channels at your disposal!

Collaborating with the Venue and Vendors

Your choice of venue plays a huge part in the overall feel of your event, so why not collaborate with them on the promotion? The venue benefits from your event’s success, as all the attendees will spread the word, potentially resulting in future bookings. 

As well as promoting your event on all of your own channels, get your venue to share the news of your upcoming event to their own networks. You might reach people you wouldn’t have even thought about, and the venue’s reputation will give some credibility to your  event. 

As well as the venue, collaborate with the vendors who are serving your event. Encourage them to promote the event on their own platforms and websites. If you have the resources, you can even offer incentives, such as discounts or cross-promotion, to encourage them to promote your event.

Creating Engaging Content

Text based social media posts aren’t going to be enough to build the excitement for your event, which is why a key part of your promotion strategy should be to create visual content. 

If your event is a recurring one, then you can use footage from former events to create a short video, accompanied by text previewing the changes that are going to make this next event better than ever. If you have chosen a great looking venue, see if you can get images or video of the space to help get people excited. 

You can also engage your audience before the event to build anticipation and excitement with teaser campaigns and countdowns to the big day.

Use Analytics to Measure Your Success

If your promotion isn’t generating the results you were expecting, analyse your strategy, gather feedback, and be prepared to make adjustments. Sometimes a few tweaks can make a significant difference. Key metrics include website traffic, social media engagement, email click-through rates, and, of course, ticket sales. 

When Should You Start Promoting Your Event?

Depending on the type of event you are organising, it is a good idea to start promoting your event at least 2-3 months before the event date to build anticipation and secure early bookings. When it comes to promoting, the sooner the better, just be mindful that you will need to keep up your marketing efforts right up to the event!

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